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and music is life.
2019 - time flys.
When we started and thought about Blue House Music it was 1999 and since we were cought by the millenium hype, we started the label in 2000 and put it online, We thought this is a nice number to remember . . . © 2000 Blue House Music
and when we checked the internet .... 20 years ago ... there was the Big Bear in the Blue House and the House of Blues. So we thought Blue House Music is great and none existing - we took it to the German patent registry and thought this will now be ours, always and forever just ours - L O L -
Life is funny and the moment you have an idea you can be sure somebody else on this planet has a similiar thought and even if it is not in the same moment, probably a little later it happens.
In one of our very first editions we had a page on the Blue House Music website with links....you might still find it, if you search for BHM . . . and at that time we linked to some sites we thought were nice, but stopped it, because later we thought it is not cool anymore. NOW - since there are so many Blue House Music Sites - we believe it will be enjoyable, to bring the old links back again - PLUS all new links of Blue House Music Sites which have nothing to do with us, but also exist today 20 years later,
As always - enjoy the madness- our links and blinks and watch out, what will come up in the future.
Kid Charlemagne
Azulejo - Photo was taken at the Train Station in Porto - Let the music play . . .
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