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THIS man has a incredible voice! Although the song “I Can’t Stand Losin’ you” shows the fragile, psyco forced and sensitive side of this man, be assured, he is a multi talent.
John D. Dea is from New York and lives now in Hamburg, Germany. You might have heard him before, on one of the many studio recordings he did.

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BLACK STONE is a virtual group. The artist live in the U.S. and Europe and unfortunately they won’t get together again in the near future.Wonderful vocals and lyrics, plus a cool instrumental makes this music special. This one is the Blue House bestseller.

THE first cd release of Keyo is called “Oublies Pas Tes Fils!” Demanding lyrics, with french and german raps and a cool groove make this artist different and beyond category. His fans from Lübeck and Munich are crazy about his CD. Keyo has prepared a new LP with 13 brandnew tracks!!.

Urban/ Pop / Bossa Nova

Contemporary Urban

Hip Hop / Rap

Black Stone

John D. Dea


@ X-MAS is the CD for the season of the year. The Irish guitarist&songwriter Martin O’Sullivan came up with the idea “Santa Claus (I’ve Been Good)” and we produced it at the Blue House Project Studio. “November,December” and “Silent Dreams” are bonus tracks. Visit Martins website and check where he is performing:

@ X-Mas

Seasonal / Holidays

 “DAPHNE” is the women at Blue House Music. This Dutch girl has the voice and the power to motivate you with her r’n’b influenced dance tracks. Tight grooves and a superb production , plus excellent songwriting makes this CD a  must.


R’nB / Dance / Pop


Pop, Dance, Love Songs

TIMOTHY SNELL, Canadian born, has moved from Hamburg, Germany, to Rome, Italy. He loves not only the Italian lifestyle, the culture, the Italian food and the warmer weather - but ... , well more about that later. First check his songs and his fantastic voice.


ALWAYS TOGETHER is the debut single of this young singer and songwriter.He lives in Hamburg and plays constantly with his group “The Jeopards” in several clubs and pubs around town, mainly in the genre of Rock and Blues. With this track he left his Rock path and stepped on to the dancefloor. But he loves his lads and you can check them here:


Electronic, Dance, Pop


SHA’ JAE  is the funkiest  release on Blue House Music. We are very proud and pleased to introduce you to this remarkable lady and singer. A brilliant soul, funk, r’n’b melange, produced by is waiting for you. Plus a alternative hip hop track on her debut CD “Jo Honey On The Spot”. Play it loud!

Contemporary Urban


Pop / Rock / R&B

YOU might have seen her on stage, somewhere over Europe. If you want to catch Tamara on stage you might as well visit her website with the next live dates.  Tamara is ready to present her fans  new music with ambitioned German lyrics and great R&B grooves. Check her latest video on the Blue House Music video site.

The Fig Tree Project

Erotic Chill Out

I NEED LOVE - is the title of the track you will find on the erotic music compilation to chill out and to turn on CD erotic music vol. 1. My Sweet 66 is the follow up on vol. 2
Prelisten to some of the tracks , buy the album at or click the icons and download at Apple iTunes Music Store.

The X-Mas Lounge recordings are available through itunes music store. Click the image or here: ICE CRYSTAL.

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